Art works of Larissa Noury are in many private collections and in five museums in France, United States, Australia, Sweden, Spain, Portugal, Korea, Malaysia, China, Bulgaria, Belarus and other places in the world.You can consult the paintings catalog here, below are the major exhibitions:

Paris(France), “ArtEsienne”, 11.-31.12.2013
Sydney(Australia), Queen St Gallery, “The Beginning of Colour Harmony”16.-22.09.2013
San Francisco, Vitkovsky Fine Art Gallery Museum,& Grats Décor,12.09.-02.10.2013
Newcastle, Northern RockFoundation Hall, “Tactile Light of Colour”07.07-12.07.2013
Milly-la-Foret, 60 International ArtForum, & « Tapis Rouge », Colombes, « The Colour Party », 06.2013
Paris (France )City Hall, 5arr. of Paris, « France-Monde-Culture »,06.2013
I-Gallery (Paris),- « New impressionnisme and Fashion » ,20.01-17.02.2013
Ningbo National Peoples Museum ( China) « The colours in the Heart », 29.09-11.10.2012
Ho Chi Minh (Vietnam), Museum of fine arts, 20.06.-28.06.2012.
Calvi, Citadel, Festival of contemporary art, 09.06.2012-31.08.2012
San Francisco (Etats Unis),  Art Gallery, Alliance Française de San Francisco, 01.05.-31.05.2012

Paris (France), Space Faubourg, « Haute Couture- tactiles colours», 04.04.-20.04.2012.
Paris (France), City Hall 8 th district, « 60 years of SNAP », 16.01.-21.01.2012.
Ferté Bernard (France), Festival International des Arts, 10.2011.
Chirpan (Bulgarie), Museum Yavorov , Galerie Nicolas Manev, 09.2011.
San Francisco,USA,”Colours of the Univers”, MISHIN Fine Art gallery, 12.2010-12.2011
Paris, ARTeSIENNE et la Maison de la Recherhce, Sorbonne,  03-04. 2011.
Mar del Plata, (Argentine), AIC 2010, International Colour Association, 10.2010.
Portland, « Littman Gallery », Portland State University, 01.08.2019-18.08.2010.
Shanghai, « Art Speaks », Art International The Bund Museum and Art Gallery, 30.05-3.06.2010
Madrid, Cultural Center of Syria  , 05.03-15.03.2010
Massy, « Symphony of Colours », Mediatheque Jean Cocteau, 03.02-02.03.2010
Salons of the University New South Wales, Sydney,11° Congress AIC, Australia, 27.09-02.10.2009
Salons of TERRASS HOTEL, Paris 01.09.2009-31.10.2009
Salon Curnonsky & Town hall, Angers, 16.06. 2009-21.06.2009
Penang (Malaysia) «Art, Life, Vision», International Art festival, 23.07.2009-29.07.2009
Paris, (France), Association’s House of 7°ar., 06.02.2009-13.02.2009
Angers (France), Center « Culture for everybody »,23.01.2009-05.03.2009
Paris (France), Center CRSC, 22-27.09.2008
Paris (France) LOEWE Gallery, 06.06.2008-07.07.2008
Paris (France), « Calligraphie de l’espace », La Maison de Radio France, 01.04.2008-0.04.2008
Paris (France), Gallery « Le Simoun-Miromesnil »; 25.03.2008-26.04.2008
Atrium-Hôtel de la Grande Loge, Paris, France, 16.02.2008-10.03.2008
Center of Culture, Paris, «  Architectural Colours », 22.01.2008-01.02.2008
Paris (France), « Optique Torcy », « Regards en couleurs », 01.02.2007 -01.03.2007.
Dae-gu, Center of Arts & Gallery of National Kyungpook Universiry, Dae-gu, South Korea, 17.12.2006-30.12.2006
Ivry (France), Italien Cultural Center “Colour Voyage”, 20.10.2006 – 25.10.2006
Paris (France), Gallery "Carrousel of Louvre", 28.03.2006-30.05.2006.
Paris (France), Grande loge de France, Scottish Cercle: "Tactile Architecture", 16.03-12.04.2005
Paris (France)"The House of Europe", "Colour architecture & Architecture of colours",09.12. - 20.12.2003.
Paris (France)"Angel - Arbat",”Slavic Colours”, 24.04 - 07.06.2002.
Paris (France)"Mathis Center", Town hall of XIX district, 08.03. - 04.04.2002.
San Francisco (The United States), Gallery "C - International ", 01.12.2000. - 15.05.2001.
Paris (France), Gallery "C International": "New Millennium", 16.01. - 01.03. 2001.
Ponta Delgada (Portugal), Municipal Gallery of the Town hall of Ponta Delgada: "The magic world of colours", 07.07. - 12.07.2000.
Sintra (Portugal), Municipal Gallery "Fitares": "Symphony of the colours: landscapes – sacred architecture” 30.06-30.07.2000.
Paris (France), Arts centre of Russia "Harmony of colours: landscapes – sacred architecture", 20.10.1999.-01.11.1999.
Lyon (France), "Colour and Communication", 13.09.1999.-17.09.1999.
Paris (France) – Yugoslavian Cultural Center: "Search for colour: palette of France, architectural polychromy, colour and landscapes", 14.05.-15.05.1999.
Paris (France), Bernanos Gallery "Artists of the world":"Colours: landscapes and architecture ",2.1999.

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